Solid-SIS E-Gate

Internet Application for Students and Istructors Acting as Full Web-Based Service of Registration and Academic Activities.

Students E-services portal

Solid SIS has been designed in a modern manner with the latest styles to keep pace with technological development and reflecting a good image of universities. Where it allow students to register courses, adding and removing them within the specific time limit controlled with some constrains and automatic verification operations. In addition, some services that offered by Smart UMS such as following the semester table, marks, absences and evaluations that are related to the registered courses .

Instructors E-services portal

Solid SIS allows instructors to follow up their students in terms of attendance, absence and management of the examinations of the materials offered in terms of determining the number of examinations to be held and the distribution of grades. In addition, the introduction of the examination results, calculation of the final rates of students and their adoption, Smart UMS provides a comprehensive set of reports that help Instructors to work and provide them with time and effort.