Solid-SIS Light

User Based Version Suitable for Small-Scale Academic Institutes of Higher Education.

Admission System

Admission section in Solid SIS takes the charge of student registration by adding their required information in more than 100 fields that are to be filled according to the need, also contains a special section for printing out students IDs with details. Furthermore; it offers a full management on changing students’ majors, courses’ equality in case of changing the university. In addition, to managing withdrawal and postponing and blocking students’ cases. System follows a special plan that has been designed carefully to follow student cases until the student graduate and finish the requirements.

Registration System

Basically, registration section in Solid SIS takes charge of creating courses schedules within different automatic detection stages with ensuring the logical order to make it easy for courses registration without any conflicts and taking in confederation the prerequisites. It also responsible for managing students absences, marks and distributing students on their supervisors automatically or manually depending on the university policies.


Solid SIS contains more than 300 reports that fulfil all the needs of the university administration, students, faculty and a set of statistical reports required by the university or college administration. Financial reports can also be issued for students and majors, and a set of reports for daily follow-up of financial collections. With the ability to create instant reports based on urgent requirements.