Student Information Management
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Solid SIS Applications are the Best Choices for Higher Education Student Information Management


Student information systems are expensive, requires large operation’s, implementation’s and license’s costs. Not any more, with Solid SIS an affordable, high-quality and mature SIS applications are now a reality.

Maturity and Stability

With more than 12 years of experience in the higher-education field, the latest version of Solid SIS suite (Version X) covers almost all the requirements of any higher-education institutes out of the box, with almost zero-customization, thanks to the highly configurable features of Solid SIS applications.


Solid SIS suite is currently serving many academic institutes with different sizes, starting from tens of students to tens of thousands, it is only a matter of configuration and setup.

Ease of use

With an elegant and well-designed user interface, supported by effective shortcuts and application workflow, the users of Solid SIS systems can achieve their maximum productivity with minimal efforts.

Customer Care Support

With unique, dedicated and well-trained support engineers, our after-sale service ensures our clients work with piece of mind and confidence.

Free upgrades

With the free upgrades included in every annual maintenance contract, our client’s will always get the latest version of Solid SIS, which will continue their satisfaction and loyalty which are always guaranteed.

Modernization and improvements

By keeping our promise enhancing and improving Solid SIS applications, including new technologies, standards and security, we are always ahead from any competition.

Integration with other systems

Solid SIS can be easily integrated with other systems.

Multi languages

Solid SIS support both Arabic and English languages.

Not require high specification

Solid SIS neither needs an expensive database licenses nor servers with high specifications.

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